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Business Hosting

Business Hosting gives you the ultra-fast speed of a Virtual Private Server with a super simple control panel — a perfect fit for those who don’t have tech skills but still need powerful hosting.

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All plans include

  • c-Panel
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Redundant DNS
  • Powerful SSD
  • Support 24/7/365
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Business Hosting
Business Hosting
"For basic site"
AED 600 /Year
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  • DISK
    20GB SSD
  • DATA
    Unmetered traffic
    20 Emails
  • TLD
    1 Website
best value
Business Premium
"For Business site"
AED 2400 /Year
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  • DISK
    50GB SSD
  • DATA
    Unmetered traffic
    Unlimeted Emails
  • TLD
    1 Website
dns redundant

Free SSD Offers the Speed Your Customers Expect

Your website content is delivered in milliseconds when your audience demands it with ultra-reliable SSD drives. Solid-state drives are designed to be high-performance, extremely reliable and deliver a read/write performance that is unmatched.

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24/7/365 Customer Support

We're here when you need us most.

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monitoring 24/7/365

Free No-Downtime Website Transfer

Trust a process and team of experts to move your website to ITEGY Hosting.

  • Zero downtime migration keeps your website/business online
  • Hassle-free and proven process
  • For accounts with 1 to 3 databases and/or websites
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We make your Business Hosting simple and easy

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Easy 1-click-installer

WordPress available for pre-installation, saving you time.

Superfast Websites

Prospects become customers with a fast & reliable online experience.

Website Migrations

Migrate your website, database and emails with zero downtime.

Included in All Plans

For Your Added Convenience
Performance to Suit Your Needs
Keeping You Secure
Easy Google Apps Integration
Free SSD Storage
Spam Experts
One-Click Installs of 400+ Applications
PHP 7 Supported (up to 3x faster load times) Safe Application Roll-Back
Free No-Downtime Website Migration
Max Speed Zones ™
Backup Manager Available
Free Website Builder Easy Control Panel SSH Access
WP-CLI Enabled
Powered by UltraStack
Free SSL
Money-Back Guarantee
24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support
Hack & Malware Protection

Frequently Asked Questions Business Hosting

What is Business Hosting?
  • Business Hosting gives you the ultra-fast speed of a Virtual Private Server with a super simple control panel — a perfect fit for those who don’t have tech skills but still need powerful hosting.

Does Business Web Hosting include Email Hosting as well?
  • Yes, with our business hosting you will have the best SMTP execution and secure email

Is an upgrade possible from my current Linux Business Hosting Plan?
  • Yes, you can upgrade anytime.

Is there any money back guarantee with the Linux Web business services?
  • All hosting plans are covered by our unmatched money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

I already have a website with another host. Can I transfer my website?
  • Yes, you can transfer your website for free to your ITEGY Hosting account. Your free website transfer includes up to 1 websites, databases, and/or cPanel accounts. The cost for additional website transfers is AED 100 per item. If you choose to transfer your website, we have a comprehensive support center. Troubleshoot your issues with extensive step-by-step articles, education channels, and customer-driven community support forums.

What is UltraStack?
  • UltraStack is our proprietary Operating System stack that we have optimized and set up to be the simplest and fastest web hosting experience possible. Through our team’s experience and skills, we have been able to create a stack that is customizable and suitable for almost any CMS or PHP/HTML based site.

What is PHP-FPM?
  • PHP-FPM is one of the newest PHP handlers that are available. Moving from SuPHP to PHP-FPM will decrease your sites load time as well as the system resource usage. This happens by enabling caching and serving from memory static PHP that is not going to change or cause changes on your site. It is built off of the PHP FastCGI Handler and is designed for speed, privacy, and performance. By utilizing PHP-FPM rather than the old suPHP handler it allows us to lower resource utilization and decrease load time by caching the underlying PHP code, which seldom changes.

What is NGINX Caching?
  • NGINX is a web server, but also a proxy server, and one of the most widely used functions of NGINX is its proxy technology. When you deploy NGINX as a reverse proxy or load balancer, you can enable powerful cache features. NGINX allows us to be able to store your whole page into memory and serve from memory rather than having to execute code each time your page is visited. This allows for a fast response since none of the underlying code needs to be executed for a particular page.

Why does InMotion Hosting use NGINX over Litespeed?
  • NGINX is a software that is based on the Open Source License System and we are able to use it and modify it to fit our customer’s needs without forcing our customers to purchase a license.

Technology That Drives Your Strategy

Get the Best Business Hosting for Developers

We know developers because we are developers. Focus on building your web applications in Ruby, PHP, PostgreSQL or MySQL - we will handle the hosting. Professional developers or just starting out freelancers and small business owners get all-encompassing features to customize and integrate into any business hosting website. Features include cPanel, FTP/SSH access, Softaculous application installer, and email creation and management.

Connect to your server with SSH

Domain-specific tasks or creating web-accessible files can be completed swiftly and safely with your secure SSH connection. Generate, manage and access SSH keys with instant access. Your employees, partners or administrators can access sensitive information from anywhere such as sales figures, accounting information, or client information. Get high-caliber secure SSH keys, iron-clad authentication on a shared hosting plan that places your business security first.